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2011-04-15 15:24:10 by OrphenFire

I don't like when someone votes both of my submissions with a 0/5 star, and fails to even leave a review stating why. Maybe it was an anonymous non-member, but still. That sucks.


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2011-04-16 00:34:13

It happens all too often. I almost wonder if there should be a requirement that you leave a review when voting?

OrphenFire responds:

Or maybe that your "no review" vote counts for only half a vote, unless you leave a review, then it is worth more.


2011-04-16 23:02:09

Hey man, just wanted to say that I think this happens a lot everyone here. I think zero bombers either do it to lower the rankings of songs so theirs get higher in the tier or because they are just plain assholes. I dont know why but your not alone bro.

OrphenFire responds:

Yeah it kinda caught me off guard cuz I'm brand new to the site. I've been visiting for many years, but I just made the account. After the initial "WTF?" now I realize I'll just have to ignore it.